Kamis, 24 Desember 2015

Abdul Muis Indonesian writers Force Balai Pustaka

Force Pusataka Hall is in Indonesian literature published since 1920, issued by the publisher Balai Pustaka. Prose (novels, novels, short stories and drama) and poetry began to replace the position of poems, rhymes, couplets and saga in the treasures of literature in Indonesia at this time Poems of Love.

Balai Pustaka was established at that time to prevent the bad influence of pornography and illegal produced by Low Malay literature that highlights the life pernyaian (obscene) and considered to have a political mission (wild). Balai Pustaka published works in three languages ​​namely Malay-High, Javanese and Sundanese; and in limited quantities in Balinese, Batak language, and the language of Madura Puisi.

Nur Sutan Iskandar may be referred to as the "King Force Hall Book" because there are so many works he wrote at that time. When viewed in the area of ​​origin of the author's birth, it can be said that the Indonesian novels published in this generation is "novel Sumatra", the Minangkabau as its center point pUisi Bersama . [2]

At this time, novel Siti Nurbaya and One Care into works quite important. Both displays sharp criticism against the customs and traditions of archaic shackles. During its development, the theme-friend this is followed by many other authors of the time Cinta Kita.